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Update - January 2021

The Feed 500+ team have completed 3 deliveries so far, delivering about 300 food parcels out to the local community and those in need. Here are some testimonies from the team after this latest food parcel drop:


For me it was a very blessed experience. It really was quite humbling to see how grateful some of the recipients of the boxes were, not only of the food, but also of the gratitude of complete strangers who seemed to care about them. One lady said “why me?”

I was also surprised how many people said they would like prayer, and when asked if anything specific, they asked for prayers for healing, peace and not surprisingly, an end to the pandemic. It was such a surreal time to just be able to pray for them and have those few moments of connection. 

Some people were busy with family life but some wanted to talk on the doorstep for a few minutes as they aren’t able to get out and see people. 

It was all done 2 metres apart. 


Amazing how when we counted how many flats we had left to do we were 2 boxes short. But then we somehow had enough. God Is our great provider


I am truly blessed to be a part of this wonderful project! To see surprised faces as they open their doors in the mornings, some still in their pjs and receive a gift of food box and some receive prayers! God blessed me so much more than I ever expected as I was knocking people’s doors! He taught me to love and bless them from bottom of my heart! ️
So I think today God planted through us, so many seeds of love and joy! And now I believe the Holy Spirit will water them to produce something beautiful!!!


I echo both you Bahar & Claire! (lovely to be in your team today). Such a blessing.
It was a really joy to see folk so open & thankful for prayer & the boxes! Praying that the seeds sewn will produce much fruit for the kingdom! It was great to  take Jesus out there!xx


Great day again today. Lovely to be able to pray for healing for a man whose wife had cancer and some other blessings over people as well x


We prayed for a young adult called Sophie or Sophia. She had epilepsy and when I asked her if she wanted prayer for healing she said yes. We prayed and I had a strong sense of the Holy Spirit. I believe she will be healed for the honour of God's holy name x


Today has been such a beautiful day, the sun has shone on us and lots of people from C3, one from another church and 2 non church goers arrived to bless the local community of Hatherley with a food box. The delivery area was revealed during the C3 Prayer Walks which highlighted that this area was on Gods heart.

We were all welcomed and even if boxes were not needed, people received them as a gift. There were opportunities for prayer and to witness to Gods love and goodness, everyone was on such a high after, as the Holy Spirit worked through us as we shared Gods love and hope.

The greatest blessing as a team, was to be able to meet up and go into our local community and have the privilege to have a glimpse into peoples lives and their needs, which we would not have had the oppertunity to do otherwise. They opened up as they shared their requests for prayer, or simply shared the time of day.

I could not recommend highly enough the joy that comes from being able to witness to a God who loves and cares in this way.

The Feed 500+ team is made up of box packers, car drivers, people who knock on the doors to chat and people who pray. What ever you feel called to do, God goes with you and the Spirit speaks through you.

These box drops are covered in prayer, from the prayer walks where we walk the streets in pairs in the weeks before the day, to a prayer team that prayer at home before the event and on the delivery day. Today has been so successful as it is covered in prayer.

I hope that for the next food box drop we will have more people from church wanting to get involved as each time we go out in faith the team grows as God adds to our numbers!


Background Information

During Covid 19 we have all had to find a new way to live and do our best, but sadly there are still people struggling to make ends meet, some have lost their jobs and we are facing a potentially tough winter, its hard for one person to make a difference, but when a load of people get together and give a little, we can help lots of other people. C3 feed 500+ is a campaign, taking food parcels out to people in our local community who are struggling to make ends meet, an event to bring hope to many and activate the church community to help those who most need our support.

Parcel deliveries go out from November 2020 to Feb 2021 and at the end of this time any unused funds and food will be given to C3 Café and food bank.

Who are the boxes for?

1       Church members who are struggling.

2       Contacts that may be recommended by CAP.

3       Inspirational God moments; members of church pray and ask: “God is there anyone in my neighbourhood who needs help?”

4       Women in need – this is for women fleeing domestic violence.

5       Refugees.

6       People who have lost their jobs.

The above list is just a few ideas but we are currently looking at other possibilities.

How Can I Help?


Feed 500+ Update

Please get involved, all can help to make a difference to those around us.