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Pastoral care

Whilst primary care will tend to happen through Connect groups, the church has a pastoral care team that supports the pastor in the care of church members. This may be through one to one meetings, helping people find the professional support they need or providing life training courses such as Search for Life, Door of Hope (for survivors of abuse) or marriage courses.


Counselling at The Hub

As part of our service to the community, C3 church members can also access confidential competitively priced counselling at the Hub / the Pavillion. Counselling offers you time and a confidential space (with only a few exceptions that will be outlined to you at the outset) just for you to explore concerns you have or things that have left you feeling anxious, confused, distressed or depressed. Many find this talking therapy a real support.

Our vision is to demonstrate love and care in action, through competitively priced, respectful, professional quality services aimed at; enhancing a sense of personal wellbeing, alleviating symptoms of distress, increasing resilience, capacity and effectiveness.Our network of carefully selected counsellors offer a variety of methods of working and these services you can access through either referral to Julie Allan via a trusted member of the pastoral team or by speaking to Julie directly on:

Julie will then allocate you to a counsellor she deems suited to your particular circumstances.

 If you have never had counselling before this may seem like a big step for you, if it would support you, Julie can also offer free “explore” session(s), to help you untangle or work out what sort of help you may require.

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The Hub, The Pavilion, Hatherley Lane, The Pavilion, GL51 6PN

Every Friday, 19:30-21:00